Good old fashioned breakfast food – porridge


Yes, I know, this has nothing to do with design.  But you know, designers have to eat too.

A new little place has just opened in Nørrebro, Copenhagen serving – ONLY porridge.

It’s called GRØD  (porridge in Danish)
Jægersborggade 50,
opening hours are approximately 7 am-9 pm.

Haven’t seen the menu yet, but looking forward to holding some breakfast meetings there for sure!  There is nothing like a good porridge – I wonder if they will have cornmeal porridge? With condensed milk and lots of vanilla and cinammon and nutmeg.

For me, porridge has always signified good healthy eating.  I remember hearing many times that to keep a baby healthy it should be fed cornmeal porridge.  Cornmeal porridge for me has always been a comfort food.  It reminds me of home, of sitting around our kitchen bar and being a family.

So here is how I make it:

  • about half a cup cornmeal (coarse) (the kind you use to make cornbread)
  • water  (or milk) – enough to make a paste,  then a half a cup more water (it’s a good idea to keep a cup of liquid nearby as you are cooking it so you can control the thickness/smoothness of it as you go.
  • pinch of salt
  • put on a medium to high flame on your stove
  • STIR as it is cooking – very important!  (you don’t want it to clump up)
  • add vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg
  • KEEP STIRRING.  Be careful that the temperature is not too high, coz as it starts to bubble, it spits at you, and believe me,  you don’t want porridge spit on your hand/arms.

When it has cooked and is smooth, pour into your bowl(s).
Add a half a pat of butter, and essential ingredient – swirl lots of condensed milk that you can fold into the porridge as you eat it.  YUMMMMM
(if you can’t get condensed milk, I sometimes use maple syrup, that’s yummy too, and if I am out of that, then brown sugar).

I think I will go make me some now.

ATA designs takes the prize for best wallpaper

I am proud, and certainly inspired  by Annette Taylor Andersen’s being.
She has just received the first prize in the wallpaper category in


Here are some examples of her wallpaper.  Enjoy.

(Taken from

She is currently exhibiting at 100% Design in London.  Go and check it out, now!
22-25 Sept.  Earl’s Court, London

Drum roll please, presenting drum shades – Claire de Lune Barrels

These 13 different drum shades are not only versatile.  I designed them so they could be used as pendant shades, but also for putting on lamp bases (table and floor flamp bases).

The light diffuser which is optional can be assembled either on top or bottom.

I think they are great for changing the mood and flavor of a room, and certainly modern. And make a change without going broke.  These are very reasonably priced.

(lamp bases not included)

Two of the lamps have designs from my many travels – Venice and Tunis.  Others have origins in Jamaican fauna and flora.  And others compliment my Claire de Lune Chandelier.

Here’s a picture from my bedroom …….

I got that lovely “tree stump” light three years ago, and I just love it, and love it with my “Bramble” barrel shade.

So there it is folks, get yours now.

Art in the shop (literally)

Eliane left France many years ago to come to Denmark. She has now quit her job in an international organization in Cph to realize her long-time dream: working with artists, craftsmen and designers and presenting their creations to a broader audience.

She is running a web shop working as a sales platform for these artists and craftsmen. In a busy world this is an ideal means of promotion, giving quick and easy access to a variety of creators and exciting pieces of work. At present, modern paintings, design jewels, bookbinding, products in fish skin, glasfusing are at display for sale, but this offer will hopefully progressively expand.

So visit

Amazing jazz singer Dee Alexander in Clairely jewellery

(Re-posted from 020611)

I am proud to have seen this video posted today. I had to share this not only because she is incredibly talented,  because she is wearing Clairely jewellery on her arms,  and on her fingers.

And to boot, fabulous music.

I had the good fortune to meet her two years ago, and enjoy her music.

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Kingston – Copenhagen – London – Accent on show at the Bargehouse

Representing Jamaica, Accent is showing Claire de Lune Chandeliers, wallpaper,
and CLAIRELY jewellery in an unprecedented international
interdisciplinary African and Caribbean art and design exhibition.

I am proud and excited to be a part of this exhibition for many reasons.  To be in the Bargehouse, a historical building, in London.  To be representing Jamaica, and to be among so many talented artists/designers.

Photo from AACDD website

Walking from Waterloo station, one sees the top of the London Eye over the buildings – pretty spectacular. The view from Oxo Towers over the Thames river.

The BEFORE view of the space where my lamps will be hanging.

After ……..
I still love the way the arms can be seen between each other in this smokey black version of my Claire de Lune Chandeliers.

Chandelier mini mirrors on the wall.Samples of CDL wallpaper in the foreground.  This wallpaper compliments the chandeliers wonderfully.

Following is excerpt from AACDD website

Inspire to Aspire

This is the first time in its entire history that the London design scene will host such a comprehensive showcase of unique multi-disciplinary black talent with more than one hundred submissions from the UK, Africa, the Caribbean, USA, Canada, Japan and Europe.

Coinciding with the Mayor’s Thames Festival, the London Design Festival and 100% Design in September, the main focus of the African and African-Caribbean Design Diaspora Festival 2011 ‘?CHOICES!’ will be the series of exhibitions and events at the Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf on Southbank.

For nearly three weeks all floors of the listed Bargehouse of the Oxo Tower Wharf complex will be transformed into a ‘Treasure Trove’ of creativity showcasing the amazing artistic talent of more than one hundred British and international artists and designers from the African and African-Caribbean Diaspora communities in the UK and overseas.

The exhibitions include multi-disciplinary mixed media, fine art, sculpture, photography, graphic design, illustrations, book art and publishing, film, videos and music, furniture, lighting, home textiles, ceramics, interior design acessories, architecture, interior design, fashion, fashion accessories, jewellery, performances and workshops.

The BRITISH EUROPEAN DESIGN GROUP takes great pride in supporting emerging artists, designers and artisans of African and African-Caribbean origin and getting their talent visibly represented within the mainstream UK design scene through its three year African and African-Caribbean Design Diaspora Initiative in partnership with the London Design Festival.

(Expert from AACDD’s website)

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Influences and all

Re-posted from 31 Mar 2011

On the way into work today, I thought of how my life (and others, possibly) has been influenced by the media – films and TV.

My jewellery collection CLAIRELY has possessed me more and more as time goes on, and as I create new pieces, the organic way in which I create makes it a trifle difficult to be structured when comes time to categorize my pieces into collections and lists.

I realize this says something about me.That I am not so organized.  Oh well.

But my pieces say also something about the things I care about, about things that have influenced me.

My latest piece – CTM -which I have lumped in with my newest collection – STEPPIN’ OUT – is about getting your flirt groove on. It’s in the collection with high heels, handbags, music signs (go out and hear some music now). It’s a celebration of kicking hibernation to the curb and getting out.

Coffee, tea, or me?  I so remember when this book and movie came out.

Since I already had a coffee pot,

I went a step further wanting to do a teapot, and then the natural progression was this new piece  -CTM -all I needed to do was add the “me”.

So now, there is not only the triple neck piece, but coffee, tea, me  are also available individually.

The coffee pot is in the PORT ROYAL collection. My rationalization – that  pirates must also drink coffee – wouldn’t you think?

The collection was named after Port Royal a harbour in Jamaica, a (in)famous pirate haven back in the day.

In this same collection, I have this piece which came from my childhood watching TV at nights with my father. I thought the bird gave it a pirate-esque feeling. Hence it became part of the collection.

(Looks much better “live”)

I prefer to tie several pieces together not only for more drama, but also for telling a story. For example, I wear the guy with the bird with two of the other pieces  from the Port Royal line – very maritime, especially with stripes!

But them sometimes I change it up, and together with my big keyhole, this takes the story in another direction  (Hitchcock-esque).


So, influence and be influenced.

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Love red …

Re-posted from Tue, May 24, 2011

Red is for Christmas, red is for Valentine’s day, red is for passion, and just because……..

Claire de Lune ® Chandelier – red. My Claire de Lune Chandelier was originally done in red for ICFF in New York, as a tribute to the BIG APPLE. It was done in the larger size and quite spectacular it was!

Photos by David Rivett               This was it against my CDL wallpaper.

So I have done the red Chandelier  in a size that doesn’t require a smaller mansion to hang it in.

Doing a red theme here in our living room.

My design and production methods reflect a deep, long-time, personal commitment to the environment and the reduction of waste material. All left-over pieces of material from the production of lamps and mirrors are re-used for my jewellery line – CLAIRELY upcycled jewellery . The Claire de Lune Chandeliers are flat-pack to minimize carbon footprint, and eco-friendly packing materials are used where possible.

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My websites.      accent      clairely

Proud to be working with lucite too ….

Re-posted from Tue, May 17, 2011

Just saw an article about it being the 75th year of Lucite!!

It is so rewarding to be working with acrylic (another name for lucite).  It shines, it allows light to pass through, and can be used in so many ways.

Above:   my Chandelier table (perfect companion to my Claire de Lune Chandelier also in acrylic). ABC Home purchased these from me last year. ( and yes, I am beaming).

My signature product – my baby – Claire de Lune Chandelier which inspired the etchings on the table.  A great complement to the side table.

….. and of course – below –  samples of CLAIRELY upcycled jewellery, which is made from the material left over from cutting the chandeliers….

(cowrie shell cuff bracelet)


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Black on Black

Re-post from March 4, 2011

Forget about Black berry, Black Swan – black is the new black, still.

see our Claire de Lune Chandelier in BLACK!

Websites:      accent      clairely
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