Drums a go-go, we are Mad about wood and Nature

We are just mad about our new collection, and think you will be too.

Accent and Sommerlight have collaborated on a line of lamps we call Nature. The collection comprises lamp bases (table and floor), wall sconces, and hanging lamps – all with wood – and Claire de Lune ® Barrels, in the original size, and the new size – mini Barrel.

The collection was inspired by waste bits of raw natural wood I found in a wood workshop, and wooden parts that Sommerlight has carried for over 50 years – true retro/vintage!

New, modern textile cords have been added for that touch of luxury and color.  The lampshades come in 13 different motifs.  The lampshades are supplied flat pack. We like that.  The wooden parts featured are in various finishes.

After working on this collection of wood lamps for the last 3 months, it hit me!     Madmen!!!
Can’t you just see Don Draper under one of these lamps?

And yes, many of the first batch of our new collections are from Don Draper’s time! So you better get yours now, if you want the original stuff.
Simple and beautiful, these lampshades are easy to assemble, and fit beautifully with the lamp bases designed for Sommerlight. The motifs are graphic, modern and at the same time classic and timeless.

The  Barrels can be used as a pendel shade, or on a standing base – (floor or table). The designs allows for both possibilities, as does placement of the diffuser.

(Barrels shown above:   Doctor Bird,  Tunis, Fern)

Fun, functional and funky – FUNKTIONAL!!!! Fabulous! Light with attitude!

Available now directly from Accent.

Madly signing off,  Claire

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To win 2 of our Barrels see our competion  here   http://wp.me/s1Od26-351

In case you don’t want to cut and paste the link above, you can scan here and go directly!  🙂

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