Throwbacks – ad agencies and airlines

We seem to be surrounded by flashbacks, throwbacks from our childhood  (at least MINE).  I so enjoy a good few episodes of Mad Men.

Then for the first time, I watched an episode of PAN AM on TV last night and was taken right back to when I was 6 years old!

So you can imagine how glad I am that in my latest collection of CLAIRELY upcycled jewellery – STEPPIN’ OUT – I have a piece,  I call CTM –  it’s so …… right here and now!

Coffee, tea or me?

Just right for getting our flirt groove on.

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Rabbit holes and other good stuff

I came across these great phone accessories from Tinder and Bloom,  while updating my Etsy shop today , and wanted to share them with you.

Plus they go great with my Clairely accessories   (he he he)

Left:  Iphone case,   right:  Clairely necklace

Precious, isn’t it?  Found this print on Etsy also, but now cannot find the shop.   Sigh.

Also seen on Etsy

My tribute to Alice (part of my Steppin’ Out collection) shown below:

Teapot, teacup, keyhole, playing card, “eat me” biscuit … and further down,  a stopwatch

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