Lucky Dozen

Something special – and lucky about this dozen – 2012!!!

I could feel it coming already from December last year, and when I heard it was the Chinese year of the Dragon – that sealed it for me.

So, apart from dragons, other symbols of good fortune include horse shoes, and horses, and these are also part of my latest collection – the dozen.

An important thing happening in the dozen,  is Jamaica will hold its 50th year of Independence celebrations, so to be a part of that, even though I am far away –
I have done some pieces to mark this monumentous time.

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My home is my castle

1-5 June in Frederiksberg’s beautiful gardens with entrance on Falkoner Alle, we will be there, exhibiting at Mit Slot Mit Hjem (My castle, my home).  Along with many other exhibitors with products for your home and garden, we will be there with our new products, which we will keep secret for now, and then there will be the ones you remember.

We will be in the same booth with Salamat Interiors with her lovely products from India.
We love!

Launching our  mirror lamp in a smaller version.  Now you can have all the glamour and luxury that is in the BIG chandelier in a smaller version, just right for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or boudoir.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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It has just been recently that I have realized have a special connection to the number 56.

I was born in ’56. One of my favorite vehicles is a ’56 Ford truck that my friend in Pasadena lovingly brought back to life.   The number of our house is 56.  And I will be 56 this year.

It’s a very special year, with many  “round” events.  Two of my girlfriends turn 50 this year, three other good friends turn 40, Jamaica is celebrating 50 years of independence, the Olympics are on this year in London, it will be 10 years since my son died, 50 years since my biological mother passed, 60 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, 40 years of Queen Margrethe of Denmark.

It is the Chinese year of the dragon.  (You KNOW I had to have a dragon necklace in my new upcycled jewellery collection which I call LUCKY DOZEN.)

It’s truly a special year!

In celebrating 56, I am going to hold a series of sales for the rest of the year on Etsy.

On the 5th and 6th of the every month, all products will be entitled to 11% off.

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Award winning Claire de Lune Chandelier

A wonderful thing happened last month.

I won an award for my chandelier ………

Claire De Lune Chandelier has been awarded with the noteable Bronze A’ Design Award

Como, Italy, April 10, 2012 /DESIGNPRWIRE/

A’ Award and Competitions are pleased to share that the project Claire De Lune Chandelier by Claire Requa has been granted the prestigious Bronze A’ Design Award at Lighting and Lighting Projects Design Competition

Lighting and Lighting Projects Design Competition Bronze A’ Design Award Medalist

A’ Award and Competitions are pleased to share that the project Claire De Lune Chandelier has been honored with the prestigious Bronze A’ Design Award at Bronze A’ Design Award Competition elected as one of the winners by the international arbiters of the A’ Design Awards & Competitions amidst numerous participants.

Insights on Claire De Lune Chandelier

Claire Requa, the creative mind behind the awarded project Claire De Lune Chandelier says “Decorative, lighting, sold flat-pack, packaged in a reusable carrier bag. I have provided an affordable version of a grandiose, luxurious, cultured product representing a past era – baroque/rococo, done in a modern material. This theme is timeless. At the same time, Claire de Lune Chandelier provides a bit of humor, in its whimsical-ness. (Assembly instructions are provided on paper, as well as a CD- Beta). The idea of making it flat-pack was to do my part in the reduction of CO2 emissions.”

The Bronze A’ Design Award

The Bronze A’ Design Award is a prestigious award given to top 10% percentile designs that has achieved an exemplary level of sublimity in design. The designs are judged by a panel of three different jury which is composed of 5 Academic, 5 Professional and 5 Focus Group Members. The designs are evaluated with score normalization to remove any biases and are voted on aspects such as functionality, ergonomics, engineering, presentation, innovation, usability, fun details, technology, and any other specific points that could be considered, each of these points are further weighted for different jury groups.

About A’ Design Award and Competitions

A’Design Award and Competitions, aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of best designs, design concepts and design oriented products. A’ Design Award and Competitions are organized and awarded annually and internationally in a multiple categories to reach a wide, design-oriented audience.

Relevant Website

More info could be found at

Released by DESIGNPRWIRE at 2012-04-10 09:39:44

Contact Details for This Press Release

NAME   : Julie Thomas
ADDRESS: A’ Design Award, OMC Design Studios SRL, Via Rodari 9, 22100, Como, Italy.
PHONE  : +39 031 4491953
FAX    : +39 031 4491918

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