Things that are forever – Stars and stripes and diamondz

After a long period of not being especially creative, on account of overloading on  administrative assignments,  I burst out, burst forth.
This new collection sees the addition of a new material to my repetoire of upcycled jewellery – the material – coconut shell (from my home country).
After spending three months at home in Jamaica with my aging parents, and not being close to my source of acrylic (back in Denmark),  my fingers itched to be working.  I made some lamp bases of reclaimed wood (from my mother’s yard), starting with Ackee tree wood.  Then moved onto coconut as I watched the shell often being thrown out after the preparation of some of our meals.  So I thought this an excellent opportunity to further cement that Denmark-Jamaica bridge I am building.mahoeplus(Ackee wood bases.  From my mom’s garden)

As I am still be-dazzled by prisms,  rough-cut diamond shapes, facets, I designed some jewellery and had the shapes cut by a local craftsman.  I took the coconut shell pieces back to Denmark, and almost immediately set about making the pieces I had in my head, but as I played with the pieces, other designs presented themselves. Some of these shapes gave way to pieces I designed  in acrylic.

Much of the inspiration has come from V-shapes around me.


The collection mainly has stripes/ chevron pieces that stand alone, some in two’s and others in three’s.  Assembled like the stripes in the army – corporal, sargent, general, etc.
The stars (shapes cut from a production of wedding favors I did for my daughter’s wedding)  (this was the only shape I could get cut out from the hourglass sides).

As usual, contrasts – warm coconut with cooler silver chain.DSC06696DSC06712IMG_4612starearhoop