(It’s been a long time since I posted last time.  LIFE … and death)

I saw a post on FB by a friend that just so resonated that I felt compelled to fish out my dusty writing skills and say something, since using a popular information website did not give any of the results I was looking for.

As an entrepeneur myself I think this idea is absolutely a GEM, and don’t know why it isn’t already a thing.

In the same way a close friend plans for a baby/bridal shower, by inviting friends to bring gifts for the new mother/bride – a business shower can do the same – friend, associates, acquaintances can bring relevant services/products to help a new business on its way.

These gifts could easily be free consultations with an accountant/lawyer/printer/delivery service/etc, coupons for reduced fees on same,  coupons for graphic layout services provided by other business connections they are familiar with, or who are part of their social network, and many other links.  Food and refreshments could be provided by another contact that promotes his/her business with business cards on spot.  The new business could also give coupons for discounts/savings on their product/service.

This is such a WIN WIN idea – how come I am JUST now hearing about it?  (Thanks for posting this PW).

Get to treating your friends who are taking the plunge with their business and give them a shower (and not the one involving water).



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