June – a mixed bag

Normally, I try to be professional and not mix my private life with my business life. Much. But in this case ….. my son inspires me … still.

My son died on the 27th June 2002. 19 years ago – hard to believe when it all seems so fresh in my memory.

Cover of the CD he worked on right up til he passed.

Every year when June rolls around I start out being really sad. But many things happen in this month of weddings, and graduations, and fathers day, etc.

Lots of trees are flowering and doing their thing – lovely smells as I am cycling around in my work. Rose bushes in all their splendor also providing beautiful visions crawling up the sides of buildings, fences, AND mmmm the scents.

Then my favorite roses – peonies – are also out!

Then there is SKt Hans (celebrated here in DK), Sommerdans in Fælledparken, five weeks of outdoor dancing starting in June,

the noise of graduates through the streets

In Østerbro, Copenhagen

. https://youtu.be/TP0Cq8kNSvw

This year, the football fans going crazy.

Saw this on my riding through the city for work.


Not that I watch it much, but there’s cycling through France on TV (Tour de France).

But all this to give the connection to Shaka, my beautiful, talented son that I am especially reminded of in June to my concrete mini pots that I started doing over 4 years ago.

It started out with me wanting to recycle milk cartons that we throw out daily, and other single use items/packaging. I started using them as molds for the pots. But then came getting plants to put in them, and the taking care of them them til they sold – hence the name – Zenplanting. I can almost feel my blood pressure dropping as I water them and watch them grow every morning. The taking care of them brings me to Shaka. Reminds me of him. He had such a green thumb.

So, as I get closer to the 27th June, my spirits are lifted.