June – a mixed bag

Normally, I try to be professional and not mix my private life with my business life. Much. But in this case ….. my son inspires me … still.

My son died on the 27th June 2002. 19 years ago – hard to believe when it all seems so fresh in my memory.

Cover of the CD he worked on right up til he passed.

Every year when June rolls around I start out being really sad. But many things happen in this month of weddings, and graduations, and fathers day, etc.

Lots of trees are flowering and doing their thing – lovely smells as I am cycling around in my work. Rose bushes in all their splendor also providing beautiful visions crawling up the sides of buildings, fences, AND mmmm the scents.

Then my favorite roses – peonies – are also out!

Then there is SKt Hans (celebrated here in DK), Sommerdans in Fælledparken, five weeks of outdoor dancing starting in June,

the noise of graduates through the streets

In Østerbro, Copenhagen

. https://youtu.be/TP0Cq8kNSvw

This year, the football fans going crazy.

Saw this on my riding through the city for work.


Not that I watch it much, but there’s cycling through France on TV (Tour de France).

But all this to give the connection to Shaka, my beautiful, talented son that I am especially reminded of in June to my concrete mini pots that I started doing over 4 years ago.

It started out with me wanting to recycle milk cartons that we throw out daily, and other single use items/packaging. I started using them as molds for the pots. But then came getting plants to put in them, and the taking care of them them til they sold – hence the name – Zenplanting. I can almost feel my blood pressure dropping as I water them and watch them grow every morning. The taking care of them brings me to Shaka. Reminds me of him. He had such a green thumb.

So, as I get closer to the 27th June, my spirits are lifted.


(It’s been a long time since I posted last time.  LIFE … and death)

I saw a post on FB by a friend that just so resonated that I felt compelled to fish out my dusty writing skills and say something, since using a popular information website did not give any of the results I was looking for.

As an entrepeneur myself I think this idea is absolutely a GEM, and don’t know why it isn’t already a thing.

In the same way a close friend plans for a baby/bridal shower, by inviting friends to bring gifts for the new mother/bride – a business shower can do the same – friend, associates, acquaintances can bring relevant services/products to help a new business on its way.

These gifts could easily be free consultations with an accountant/lawyer/printer/delivery service/etc, coupons for reduced fees on same,  coupons for graphic layout services provided by other business connections they are familiar with, or who are part of their social network, and many other links.  Food and refreshments could be provided by another contact that promotes his/her business with business cards on spot.  The new business could also give coupons for discounts/savings on their product/service.

This is such a WIN WIN idea – how come I am JUST now hearing about it?  (Thanks for posting this PW).

Get to treating your friends who are taking the plunge with their business and give them a shower (and not the one involving water).



Pimp your Chandelier – Christmas up yourself!

Claire de Lune® Chandeliers designed almost 10 years ago, were designed to be a fancy alternative to the Chinese ball lampshade.  Reminiscent of glorious, grand chandeliers. How could they possibly be more fancy? Well to be honest, this very simple three-armed version, did get a bit more fancy, in that I designed it also to have five arms.IMG_4632This is Claire de Lune® Chandelier (PP)  made in polypropelene (a relatively eco-friendly plastic).  This started it all back in 2005. So now to get back to pimping…. I had some Mardi Gras beads, and thought that Christmas was the perfect time to make a bit more out of the one I have hanging in my dining room.   Voila! CIMG1048How GRAND is that? There you have it folks – a pimped up Chandelier. If you want one (or three) of these, and you are not in Denmark,  not a problem to ship – as with 99 percent of my products – they come flat pack, through our Etsy shop.  And you support our initiative on reducing the CO2 levels by agreeing to assemble them.  (Instructions are included of course)  And if you get stuck, you are ALWAYS welcome to contact my by mail, Skype, phone. VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS Claire

Baubles for Christmas – DIY glittter bulb

Here’s how I made a glitter bulb that looks like a bauble.

bauble2    bauble4

A bit of white glue, a brush, and a bit of glitter.  Paint the glue on your bulb (don’t recommend using more than a 40 watt bulb).  Right after, shake the glitter all over the bulb where there is glue, and voila!

But if you don’t get to make your own glitter bauble, try one of our other Christmas products from our Etsy shop (accentcph).

We have a line of Christmas products – called CHRISTMAS TIME.  They include baubles made of upcycled acrylic – made from the leftover of our production of Claire de Lune Chandelier.


We added two new products this year – Merry Christmas in three languages (Danish, English, and the middle language French, Spanish and Russian), and Three Wise Men. In clear transparent and transparent grey.

C christmas-6fritMerry Christmas!!!

The IT factor

Nike says    JUST DO IT

Folks have sung    Let’s DO IT

As a self-taught designer, it’s always been a longer and difficult process to name  (and market) my products when I get ready to go market.  The designs usually come very easily and quickly.  They are usually the result of an “AHA” moment.  Then there are the mockups, testing of the idea, the prototyping,  tweaking,  testing, the pre-production,  re-tweaking.   But then, when I am NEARLY ready to put it out, then what?

What do I call it? How do I package it so it’s attractive, appealling?  How will the retailers display it, and store it?  Will the consumers like the product as much as I do?  The packaging,  will they be as excited as I am about it?

The latest new products from Accent have that IT factor.  Their name suggests exactly what you do.   And much like what I think the Nike spirit is about, what comes along with the name is a sense of individuality, empowerment in YOUR choice, your choice on where to hang your lighting.

One of my other products – LOLLIPOPS – my version of the colored cord pendant lighting, which I thought answered a need to have an easy, (plug and play) solution to a simple lighting idea.
I added a plug at the end, so it was ready to use.  And on the models I give thumbs-up for, I have added a switch (allowing the user to easily turn it off and on without yanking it from the electric socket every time).



So here I am – “Just doing it”  –  I am hereby launching my two new products:

There are five models: Basic (shown above), Mickee, Trio, Torch and Chand
Shown above with Lollipop with a switch.


WALL:IT received runner-up award status in the prestigious A’Design Awards, Italy.



Then, here is  TABLE:IT

tableITslot2Shown above with decorative bulb.  But can also be used with a lamp shade.

tableITbarrelblurALL3Table:IT  like WALL:IT has a support function.   It complements any cordset with shade holder,  (like our Lollipops, above).   The Lollipop is connected to the TABLE:IT, with a decorative naked bulb,  or as show above, you can add a simple lamp shade (like our Barrels).

The third  product  lined up and  coming in the IT collection – is  – Floor:it
Coming up …….

In the meantime,  have a good summer,





Diary of a fashion week novice, the skinny

In February, I was invited to be a part of International Fashion Showcase 2014, London Fashion Week AW14, with Clairely Upcycled jewellery.  My first big involvement with REAL FASHION!  catwalks and all.

The Jamaican showcase  of the International Fashion Showcase, organized by JBDC,  called Threadbare  was kicked off with a fashion show which was hosted by the Jamaican High Commissioner,  Her Excellency Mrs. Aloun Ndombet-Assamba.

8gModel from backstage, getting ready.

The static showcase, called Threadbare, held at Dover street, under Wolf and Badger shop, started on 13 Feb.  Here, our designs were exhibited in a specially curated show by 360 Degrees.

On the Friday, Marc Hare gave an inspiring talk to a gathering eager to hear him.

MARC HARESANYO DIGITAL CAMERASANYO DIGITAL CAMERAMarc Hare, shoe designer, seen here with Her Excellency Mrs. Aloun Ndombet-Assamba.

The big highlight of Saturday, was the visit to the Savoy, where Wolf and Badger held their fashion event.  It was an impressive venue for sure!

20140215_165627Foyer of the Savoy.

Sunday was a busy day.  The morning was a tour of the Freemason Hall, given  by Fashion Scout.  Wow!, sooooo beautiful.

24Ceiling detail at the Freemason Hall

Back at Dover Street, we had a visit from two fashionistas – Claire Sulmers  and  Susan Bender.  They shared some of their experiences.

2High Commissioner here with Susan and Claire.

Back to The Strand (where several countries had their showcase) – to congratulate Estonia for winning the International Fashion Showcase.


Then there was a talk on PR and the benefits of having a good PR company, given by BLOW PR, followed by a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Again, a very inspiring tour.P1050359

Beautiful light feature in the front hall of the V & A

Followed by a quick interview on Arise TV news

20140217_163444Interview with Abenah Gonzalez conducted by Jayson Mansaray

…and then over to visit the talented designer/couturier Clariscia Gill, who shared such funny stories of when she first started, as well as some insightful inspiration.

That evening ended with a dinner at the home of the High Commissioner, who graciously opened her residence to us all.

20140217_203608Dinner with the High Commissioner

At our showcase, we were visited by Avis Charles, who gave us pointers and share her expertise with us.

P1050441These days were filled with many, many impressions, and experiences that will impact me for a long time.

London – a wonderful city!

And now for thank-you’s:
The Jamaican team’s participation was made possible by a grant from the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) and supported by the Jamaica Tourist Board. Other Sponsors included The British Council, The British Fashion Council, 360 Degrees, Quintessentially Art and British Airways.
The JBDC’s very important role in getting us there, the work before, during, and after was/is invaluable.  The Jamaican High Commissioner’s support will always be remembered.

Thanks also to Antonio who assisted me with various jobs, and helped make getting around London that much smoother, and David Rivett for his photos (some of which are to follow),  and his support.

More details, soon come…

Collection CSR

csrHere I go again, mixing materials with something unexpected – (recycled) pieces of acrylic with leather, rope, cord! This CLAIRELY upcycled jewellery collection is called CSR – so named because of the materials used to create this collection with UPCYCLED ACRYLIC. The pieces of acrylic are upcycled through careful and meticulous planning, from the waste of the production of my Claire de Lune Chandeliers.
This collection is inspired by the unexpected invitation to participate as a member of the designer delegation chosen to represent Jamaica at LONDON FASHION WEEK Feb 2014. The collection represents a tapestry threaded together with colorful Cords, Strings and Ropes, it will be shown at the International Fashon Showcase, Thread Bare, a fashion show taking place at a reception at the Jamaica High Commission.
Leather string wrap bracelets with upcycled acrylic tell stories – You and Me, Hearts, and other stories – these bracelets are called Stories Strung.
Colorful ropes lend themselves to all kinds of combinations, the upcycled acrylic, they complete a striking neck piece.
Cotton cords, finger crocheted make the basis for wonderful choker pieces adorned with upcycled acrylic, ready to adorn and dress up any T-shirt.
My work swings between semi-mass-produced and one-of-a-kind, trendy, timeless, and fashionable items. The jewelry and practical products I make are FUNKTIONAL (fun, funky and functional). (See www.accent.dk)  A key consideration in my work is that I am very conscientious about the quality of materials I use and the attentions to detail. I am also very insistent on responsible disposal of whatever waste I cannot use in production.
I create contemporary acrylic jewellery that reflects my influences, inspiration and identity. Through this collection CSR, I am inspired by the qualities that rope, cord, and string bring to my collections.
CLAIRELY upcycled jewellery has been featured in ELLE, Alt for Damerne magazine, (DK), several design blogs, and several times in the Observer (JA).
“Value things not for what they are worth, but for what they represent and thus worth to you” – unknown

You wanna come, don’t you? You are invited!

Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 12.14.20LONDON FASHION WEEK is next week, from 13-18 February 2014.

Our award-winning upcycled jewellery line – CLAIRELY – is off to London, with Accent products in tow.

The IFS 2014 is an initiative of the British council and the British Fashion Council in parallel with London Fashion Week.

The Thread BareShowcase where CLAIRELY UPCYCLED JEWELLERY will be part of a fashion show at a reception featuring Jamaican designers, is sponsored by the Jamaica Tourist Board, the Tourism Enhancement Fund with support from British Airways. The Jamaican High Commission is the host for the opening reception and fashion show. Organized by JBDC.

You are invited to visit us at The Gallery, 32 Dover Street, London W1S 4NE, where we will be from 10Am til 6PM , 13 February through 18 February, this showcase will be open to the public.

See you there.

London Fashion Week debut – green and fast.

Seven years ago, a fashion event  for me meant donning my own designed jewellery and going to a party during Copenhagen Fashion Week, with my friends, and I, all wearing my upcycled bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces – CLAIRELY upcycled jewellery.
But later this month, February, I am making my debut at London Fashion Week and now it’s for real. I will be one of five designers of Jamaican heritage chosen to participate in among other activities, – the International Fashion showcase 2014, an initiative by the British Council and the British Fashion council now in its third year.
Although I spend quite a bit of my time as a lighting designer, designing jewellery has always been close to my heart.  This particular jewellery line, CLAIRELY upcycled jewellery, started in 2007, from a desire to use the waste material of the Chandeliers I design in acrylic. Currently I am making the jewellery in my basement studio and living room table, and am aware that a successful show can have a very positive effect on my business.  Fingers crossed.

The Jamaican showcase entitled THREAD BARE, will be just that. On a shoe string
budget and with little time I will present my pieces at DOVER STREET GALLERY, on Dover Street. The Gallery is in the heart of Mayfair, at 32 Dover Street, London W1S 4NE.
Also, along with four other designers representing Jamaica, I will have my pieces walking the catwalk in the International Fashion Showcase, a live fashion show at the Jamaica High Commission.
I am proud to say that my pieces have been worn by

Chicago jazz singer Dee Alexander,

3aand gifted to the Ghanaian ambassador to DK.

Tanqueray_Gin_Palace105My lamps have hung on TV programs like Germany Has Got Talent, twice, London’s Gin Palace, and in Copenhagen at various private functions, as well as hanging in several private homes across Europe and America.

Unlike other designers who have teams of event planners to pencil in schedules months
ahead, assist with planning and organization,  this time, it is a solo gig. With only three weeks to put on my show pieces together and to be ready.   Make NO mistake, I WILL be ready.

Sneak preview:


Things that are forever – Stars and stripes and diamondz

After a long period of not being especially creative, on account of overloading on  administrative assignments,  I burst out, burst forth.
This new collection sees the addition of a new material to my repetoire of upcycled jewellery – the material – coconut shell (from my home country).
After spending three months at home in Jamaica with my aging parents, and not being close to my source of acrylic (back in Denmark),  my fingers itched to be working.  I made some lamp bases of reclaimed wood (from my mother’s yard), starting with Ackee tree wood.  Then moved onto coconut as I watched the shell often being thrown out after the preparation of some of our meals.  So I thought this an excellent opportunity to further cement that Denmark-Jamaica bridge I am building.mahoeplus(Ackee wood bases.  From my mom’s garden)

As I am still be-dazzled by prisms,  rough-cut diamond shapes, facets, I designed some jewellery and had the shapes cut by a local craftsman.  I took the coconut shell pieces back to Denmark, and almost immediately set about making the pieces I had in my head, but as I played with the pieces, other designs presented themselves. Some of these shapes gave way to pieces I designed  in acrylic.

Much of the inspiration has come from V-shapes around me.


The collection mainly has stripes/ chevron pieces that stand alone, some in two’s and others in three’s.  Assembled like the stripes in the army – corporal, sargent, general, etc.
The stars (shapes cut from a production of wedding favors I did for my daughter’s wedding)  (this was the only shape I could get cut out from the hourglass sides).

As usual, contrasts – warm coconut with cooler silver chain.DSC06696DSC06712IMG_4612starearhoop