Pimp your Chandelier – Christmas up yourself!

Claire de Lune® Chandeliers designed almost 10 years ago, were designed to be a fancy alternative to the Chinese ball lampshade.  Reminiscent of glorious, grand chandeliers. How could they possibly be more fancy? Well to be honest, this very simple three-armed version, did get a bit more fancy, in that I designed it also to have five arms.IMG_4632This is Claire de Lune® Chandelier (PP)  made in polypropelene (a relatively eco-friendly plastic).  This started it all back in 2005. So now to get back to pimping…. I had some Mardi Gras beads, and thought that Christmas was the perfect time to make a bit more out of the one I have hanging in my dining room.   Voila! CIMG1048How GRAND is that? There you have it folks – a pimped up Chandelier. If you want one (or three) of these, and you are not in Denmark,  not a problem to ship – as with 99 percent of my products – they come flat pack, through our Etsy shop.  And you support our initiative on reducing the CO2 levels by agreeing to assemble them.  (Instructions are included of course)  And if you get stuck, you are ALWAYS welcome to contact my by mail, Skype, phone. VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS Claire

What a palava!!

Earlier this year, in April, I received an email that I had won an award for my design –
Claire de Lune  ®    Chandelier.   This came from A’Design Awards in Italy.

At first I didn’t believe it until I read it again at least twice!
But then it sunk in.  I was going to Lake Como to a gala event to accept my award!! Suddenly, I was accutely aware that I was going to have to presentable, that not only would there be the other winners, but the organizers also informed that the press would be there, and there would be SERIOUS picture taking going on!   ACK!!

My daughter, who lives in Hamburg, said she would join us there in Como for the event, so we made a little family outing out of it.

Then the preparations started:  I had to have a new dress, the right shoes, the right accessories, both under and over the clothes, just the right make-up, and had to be ready to say something! – THAT was the most nerve-wracking!

We are off to Milan airport, Malpensa,  the day before the gala event.
We arrive in  Terminal One, this is an area that reminded me of the fruit section of a supermarket.  Ok, maybe that’s not what they had in mind, but hey….

I had taken one of my lamps with me to assemble and be exhibited at the MOOD Museum of Design, starting the day after the gala event.

The award was a very nice thing to happen.  I was proud and honored.  But what really made an impression on those weeks, was the preparation of preparing the trip, the thoughts of how I would “present” myself.
The actual gala took place on the shores of Lake Como in beautiful Villa Gallia.

This is the hall where the awards were handed out.

Here I am with my award!

Broletto di Como, where the exhibition took place.

Most of the winners showed up at the opening of the exhibition, and here is one of our group photos.  More can be seen here on FB:

A very memorable occasion, indeed.

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Love red …

Re-posted from Tue, May 24, 2011

Red is for Christmas, red is for Valentine’s day, red is for passion, and just because……..

Claire de Lune ® Chandelier – red. My Claire de Lune Chandelier was originally done in red for ICFF in New York, as a tribute to the BIG APPLE. It was done in the larger size and quite spectacular it was!

Photos by David Rivett               This was it against my CDL wallpaper.

So I have done the red Chandelier  in a size that doesn’t require a smaller mansion to hang it in.

Doing a red theme here in our living room.

My design and production methods reflect a deep, long-time, personal commitment to the environment and the reduction of waste material. All left-over pieces of material from the production of lamps and mirrors are re-used for my jewellery line – CLAIRELY upcycled jewellery . The Claire de Lune Chandeliers are flat-pack to minimize carbon footprint, and eco-friendly packing materials are used where possible.

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