In 1997 I opened a little shop in Nørrebro, Copenhagen which I named Accent.  (it was the best name I could come up with that described my products, and meant the same in more than one language)
After closing my boutique/workshop in in 2001,  I decided to work in a different way – by designing not just one-of-a-kind items, but products that are semi-mass-produced. Where I could still have as much control of the production as possible, after designing.

In 2004, Accent was re-born.
Much of my work starts with observing nature, window shopping and seeing what is NOT there, and then to my computer.

In 2004 I designed the chandelier, registered the design, and took it from there. It has been an interesting 6 years, and still going.

After 3 years of doing just decor, I went into upcycling the acrylic from the production of the chandeliers and CLAIRELY upcycled jewellery was born in 2008, and launched in NY at the ICFF fair.

Many of the products have been featured in Danish interior magazines, foreign magazines such as Swiss Ideales Heim, and UK’s MIX Interiors, German Atrium, and on serveral blogsites.

Accent has participated in trade shows in Denmark, Germany, England, France and New York, USA.

My products have been sold in over 20 countries, Illums Bolighus, Denmark; Normann Copenhagen, Denmark;  Chateau Versailles Museum shop, France;  ABC Home, USA to name a few.

So this blog site is about sharing information about my products, but also about other interesting things out there – and not just to do with design.


– Claire Requa

Mail me:  info@accent.dk

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