Good old fashioned breakfast food – porridge


Yes, I know, this has nothing to do with design.  But you know, designers have to eat too.

A new little place has just opened in Nørrebro, Copenhagen serving – ONLY porridge.

It’s called GRØD  (porridge in Danish)
Jægersborggade 50,
opening hours are approximately 7 am-9 pm.

Haven’t seen the menu yet, but looking forward to holding some breakfast meetings there for sure!  There is nothing like a good porridge – I wonder if they will have cornmeal porridge? With condensed milk and lots of vanilla and cinammon and nutmeg.

For me, porridge has always signified good healthy eating.  I remember hearing many times that to keep a baby healthy it should be fed cornmeal porridge.  Cornmeal porridge for me has always been a comfort food.  It reminds me of home, of sitting around our kitchen bar and being a family.

So here is how I make it:

  • about half a cup cornmeal (coarse) (the kind you use to make cornbread)
  • water  (or milk) – enough to make a paste,  then a half a cup more water (it’s a good idea to keep a cup of liquid nearby as you are cooking it so you can control the thickness/smoothness of it as you go.
  • pinch of salt
  • put on a medium to high flame on your stove
  • STIR as it is cooking – very important!  (you don’t want it to clump up)
  • add vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg
  • KEEP STIRRING.  Be careful that the temperature is not too high, coz as it starts to bubble, it spits at you, and believe me,  you don’t want porridge spit on your hand/arms.

When it has cooked and is smooth, pour into your bowl(s).
Add a half a pat of butter, and essential ingredient – swirl lots of condensed milk that you can fold into the porridge as you eat it.  YUMMMMM
(if you can’t get condensed milk, I sometimes use maple syrup, that’s yummy too, and if I am out of that, then brown sugar).

I think I will go make me some now.

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